We have added a Roasting Kit for Turkey to our Roasting Kits range. The new kit will be available from October – in good time to reach the shelves for Christmas shoppers.

Potts’ Roasting Kit for Turkey is just the answer for those wanting to create a supremely tasty Christmas meal for the family in the simplest of ways. Each kit contains Honey & Mustard Glaze; Shallot, Smoked Garlic & Sage Stuffing Mix; Turkey Gravy with Madeira and Sage; and a jar of rich Cranberry Sauce with Wild Cranberries & Honey.

Potts’ Christmas produce is always popular with our customers – people love the great flavours and homemade taste.

For example, a spoon of Potts’ Cranberry Honey Sauce from the kit provides an excellent accompaniment to roast turkey (with the tart cranberry flavour sweetened and complemented by a little honey) while a generous helping of the ready-made gravy provides the perfect finishing touch.

Potts’ clever Roasting Kits take this one stage further by providing a full complement of embellishments to add flavour and flair to each element of a roast. This means Christmas cooks can ease back and be assured of presenting a wonderful celebration Christmas dinner for all to enjoy!

Roasting Kit for Turkey completes a full range of Potts’ Roasting Kits. Check out our other Roasting Kits for Beef,Chicken, Lamb and Pork. Each retails at £5.70.

April 13, 2016 by Michelle Potts